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The quarterly scientific and technical journal, Reporter of the Association of Drilling Contractors
The year 2019 number 2nd issue of the quarterly journal, "Bulletin of the Association of Drilling Contractors", is now available
"Bulletin of the Association of Drilling Contractors"

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The scientific and technical journal, Bulletin of the Association of Drilling Contractors, is listed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the RF Ministry of Education and Science as one of the leading refereed journals and publications that feature main scientific results of doctoral and candidates dissertations.

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"REPORTER of the Association of Drilling Contractors" N 1, 2009

G.S. Oganov
Mikhail Timofeevich Gusman

A.P. Gryakolov, A.A. Paramonov
On improving the technology of cementing of sections of casing strings with hangers on cement stone

Yu.R. Ionesyan, G.P. Chaikovsky, V.V. Popko, S.V. Gladyshev
Prospects for application of high pressure drilling at low circulation rates

V.V. Prokhorenko
Current technology of combination drilling of directional wells using a downhole drilling motor-deflector

M.G. Bobrov, S.G. Trapeznikov
The use of screw downhole motors for well drilling

D.F. Baldenko, F.D. Baldenko
Ways of further improvement of screw downhole motors

A.M. Gusman, A.A. Lyshenko
Development of high performance PDC bits for hard formations

V.I. Molodilo
Control of drilling process involving the use of downhole drilling motors

G.S. Oganov, I.L. Barsky, A.M. Gusman, V.V. Prokhorenko
Creating of a new class of energy-efficient directional well profiles matching the natural curvature of the drill string

A.A. Tsybin, P.A. Morzhits, S.A. Tsybin, A.V. Panteleev, A.A. Solomatkin
Well casing and formation isolation equipment

G.S. Oganov, S.A. Shirin-Zade, A.A. Paramonov
Dynamic analysis of the borehole deepening process

I.L. Barsky, A.B. Levina, B.R. Lalayants, R.V. Ivanychev, P.A. Makarov
Methods of development of programs for calculation of well profile as a curve of constant curvature as exemplified by a symmetrical biclothoid



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The Journal Reporter of the Association of Drilling Contractors - 2019
Published by: The Association of Drilling Contractors