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About ADC

Russian Association of Drilling Contractors (ADC) was established in 1992. Its founders - drilling enterprises and organizations of the Ministry of Oil and Gas Industry. In recent years, experts Association of drilling contractors developed and approved in the established order of about 30 industry regulations, and regulatory and technical documents. Association of Drilling Contractors has conducted more than 500 industrial safety examinations in terms of the safe use of technical devices at oil and gas facilities in the Russian Federation. Association of Drilling Contractors performs research and development work aimed at improving technical and technological solutions for drilling and production.


Technical audit of offshore drilling rigs

Technical audit, environmental audit, survey of ship part of drilling rig, inspection of the helipad and its equipment in compliance with the requirements of the OAT GA-90 and the rules of ICAO of offshore drilling rig

Expertise of offshore drilling rigs

Expertise of industrial safety of offshore drilling rig and technical devices on offshore drilling rig

Registration of HIF and licensing of Rostechnadzor

Preparation of documents for the purpose of obtaining a license of Rostekhnadzor for operation of explosive production facilities (offshore rig) and registration of hazardous production facilities in the State register of hazardous production facilities

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