"REPORTER of the Association of Drilling Contractors" N 2, 2010


Igor P. Zaikin, Konstantin V. Kempf, Roman V. Murdygin, Vladimir F. Atgaraev, Pyotr S. Bukharov
New technologies - potential for improvement of technical and economic performance of well drilling and reconstruction in OJSC “NK “ROSNEFT”

Leonid I. Orlov
CJSC Moscow SKB “OREOL” as local designer and manufacturer of automatic control systems for drilling, cementing and workover of oil and gas wells

Irina A. Oganova, Alexander S. Oganov
Feasibility study of horizontal side hole drilling from an idle well

Sergey L. Simonyants, Alexander I. Prizentsov, Dmitry V. Poroshin, Viktor V. Arhipenko, Anatoly S. Asadchev, Andrey A. Martirosyan, Venyamin A. Litvyak
Results of field tests of a high power turbodrill performed by rup “production company “Belorusneft”

Vladimir B. Solomakhin, Konstantin V. Patranin, Dmitry M. Chudnovsky, Sergey R. Khlebnikov
System approach to organizing the work of the well drilling and workover control service

Igor P. Zaikin, Konstantin V. Kempf, K.A. Zaev, N.Yu. Elizarov
Ensuring the high quality of well cementing in the vankorskoye field

Mikhail S. Berzhets, Sergey V. Mazykin, Dmitry V. Samorukov, Vasily P. Polishchuchenko, Vadim A. Mnatsakanov, Evgeny V. Belenko, Alexander F. Usynin
Drilling muds designed by SC SBM for complex geological environment

Dmitry A. Goldobin, Yury A. Korotaev, Oleg I. Fufachev
Improving the accuracy of hydraulic forging of light weight rotors and output performance of downhole screw motors

Anatolij M. Kireev, Nikolaj N. Svetashov, Vladimir N. Svetashov
Goals achieved using drillable and retrievable packers whilst drilling

M.N. Bazhenov
Fire and explosion prevention at gas transportation facilities as exemplified by the Bovanenkovskoye oil and gas condensate field

Boris A. Dotsenko, Aleksandr S. Oganov, Aleksandr D. Polikarpov
Hydrodynamic pressure control during balanced drilling within the “Well-formation” system

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