"REPORTER of the Association of Drilling Contractors" N 2, 2012


Zolotukhin A.B..
Toward XXI global oil congressсу

Malkin I.B.
New electronic guide, «Drilling and completion equipment and technology»

Guralnik B.S., Kubrin S.S., Guralnik S.B.
Identification of hazards and risk assessment for operation of offshore drilling platforms

Chulkova V.V.
Experience of using PDC bits in interstratified solid beds in Urals-Volga region

Andoskin V.N., Astafiev S.P., Vyguzov A.M., Kobelev K.A.
Positive displacement motors manufactured by RADIUS-SERVICE

Balaba V.I.
Verification of compliance of drilling equipment, chemicals and materials

Kletter V.Y., Valieva O.I., Mulyukov R.A., Borisov I.M., Khabirova E.F., Kletter E.A.
Prospects for the use of invert-emulsion fluids for well completion in the republic of Bashkortostan

Beley I.I., Kuyabin A.G., Marinin V.I., Khubatulin R.M., Lazarev V.B., Ivanishin M.A., Kazantsev V.V., Antonenko D.V.
Application of cement slurries containing gas blocking agents for the cementing of casings in environments with abnormally high formation pressure and high temperatures

Belsky D.G., Mnatsakanov V.A., Mazykin S.V., Krivoshey A.V., Antonenko D.V., Berzhets M.S.
Improvement of the composition of cement slurries for casing string cementing in permafrost formations

Levinbuk M.I., Livinbuk L.M.
Some trends of development of global oil production and processing

Gabrunov G.B., Varlamov S.E.
Well screens manufactured by LLC PK OPO

Podgornov V.M., Suleymenov N.S., Shirdavletov N.T.
Filtration barriers surrounding horizontal holes in granular reservoirs of the Aryskum field

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