"REPORTER of the Association of Drilling Contractors" N 4, 2010


Deepwater horizon accident

M.V.Dvoynikov, Vasily P.Ovchinnikov, Andrey V.Budko, Pavel V. Ovchinnikov
Enhancing drilling efficiency through improvement of downhole motors

Dmitry F. Baldenko, Viktor I. Vyakhirev.
New designs and configurations of screw downhole hydraulic tools

Mikhail I.Mazurov, Rodion M. Bogomolov, Midkhat M. Mukhametshin
Methods of improvement and application of drill bits

Rodion M. Bogomolov, Valerij.V. Remnev, Nikolay V. Nosov, Nikolay I. Dedov
Theoretical evaluation of service life of roller cutter drill bit bearing assembly, based on field tests

Alexander M. Gusman, Viktor I. Vyakhirev, Anna B.Levina
New approaches to PDC design for hard rocks

Rezk Ramzi, Sergey L.Simonyants
The use of drill bits for hard abrasive rocks in western desert of the Arab republic of Egypt

Mikisha O.Ashrafyan, Vladislav V. Shabanov
Hydraulic cementing program based on the bengham plasticity model

Alexander V. Samsonenko, Sergey L. Simonyants, Konstantin S. Dvukraev, Ivan V. Samsonenko, Natalia V. Samsonenko
Results of the use of the new technology of production string cementing in low permeability rocks of the bottomhole area and production formation

Zakir A. Amiraslanov
Behavior of concrete in ferroconcrete samples during the construction of ice resistance platforms

Andrey L. Shishko
Comparative analysis of multicomponent gas transportation from the Shtokman gas condensate field through an underwater pipeline, based on the industrial norms for process design and a detail method

Dmitry F. Novokhatsky, Alexander V. Krivoshey
Geophysical methods of assessment of well cementing quality

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