"REPORTER of the Association of Drilling Contractors" N 3, 2011


Alexander S. Oganov, Oleg K.Angelopulo, Sergey L.Simonyants Pyotr P.Shumilov.
On 110th Birthday Anniversary

Sergey L.Simonyants, Sergey P.Zolotukhin, Vladimir V.Yakovlev, Ivan V.Mnatsakanov
Field testing of Neyrfor turbodrill with diamond bit

Alexander V. Samsonenko
Application of novel technology for well cementing

Yevgeny Yu. Kambulov
Package approach to selection of circulation fluid formulation to drill through depleted Jurassic reservoirs in West Siberia

Vladimir I.Nozdrya, Sergey V.Mazykin, Mikhail S.Berzhets, Bogdan A.Martynov
Technology and materials for drilling and workover failures (incidents) prevention

Aleksandr V. Spirkin, Midhat M. Muhametshin
Efficiency of investments in the production and sale of PDC brand bits

Sergey V. Mazykin, Yevgeny V. Belenko, Vasily P. Polishchucheko, Mikhail S. Berzhets, Vadim A. Mnatsakanov, Alexander F. Usynin, Nikolay G. Kashkarov, R.V.Plaksin
Engineering principles for designing of structural-mechanical and rheological properties of polymer-clay drilling muds

Alexander J.Polikarpov
Well completion failure prevention and response technology

gor T. Mishenko, Ilya V. Leonov
Fundamentals of physical-mathematical model of «Development target - producing well - ESP» system

Elvina G.Khalitova
Analysis of causes of intercasing pressure in gas wells of Bovanenkovskoye oil and gas field and response measures

Vladimir S. Vovk, Vladimir M. Rabkin, Garry S. Oganov, Viktor S. Zaretsky, Roman V. Ivanychev
Modern aspects of oil and gas well design


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