For Authors

Requirements and conditions for publication

1. The Journal publishes articles based on original research only. Authors are fully responsible for the originality of their papers.

2. Articles are submitted as follows:

  • electronically (e-mail:, );
  • in hard copy – 1 hard copy, the author’s signature required, and a CD.
  • Address: 63/2, housing 1, office 29-33, Leninsky Prospekt, Moscow, 119296

Note: the content of hard copy and electronic version must be identical.

3. The number of pages in one article should not exceed 8-10 pages (page size is А4 210x292 mm). The editors recommend the following:

  • text should be typed in Microsoft Word (interval 1,5, font 12, full page layout without dividing text into columns);
  • formulas should be processed by Microsoft Equation;
  • figures should be processed by graphics editors Corel Draw, Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Excel and contained in their own files, separate from the text. Photographs should be high quality.

4. Articles should be accompanied by cover letters from heads of organizations, expert’s reports or other documents recommending an article for publication, which should be signed by head of the company and stamped with the official stamp of the organization.

5. Each article should be provided with the list of key words and a summary, arranged as follows: title, authors, company name. A summary should contain a maximum of 600 symbols.

6. Author information including his or her place of employment, title, postal address, telephone, fax and email, academic rank, academic degree should be provided along with the article.

  • Example: Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich - candidate of technical sciences, chief engineer of LLC Burenie,

7. Articles should contain generally accepted uniform terms, units of measurement and notational conventions uniformly used by the author. All notational conventions should be explained when first mentioned in the text.

8. All Latin symbols for physical quantities should be italic; Greek symbols, function names, chemical elements and units of measurements should be normal (Roman) type.

9. The editors recommend that letters of the Latin, Greek and other (except for Russian) alphabets be used in formulas.

10. References to the literature (list of references).

11. All references to the literature should be assigned ordinal numbers in square brackets (for example, [3]). Ordinal numbers are assigned once a reference is mentioned in the text.

12. Bibliographical references should be arranged in the same order in which they occur in the text.

13. The time of publication of each article is 4-5 months. If urgent publication is required, authors may contact the editors with a reasonable request for priority.

14. Publication of post-graduate students’ manuscripts is free.

15. Авторы опубликованных материалов несут ответственность за достоверность приведенных сведений, точность данных по цитируемой литературе и отсутсвие в статьях данных, не подлежащих открытой публикации.

16. Плата с аспирантов за публикацию рукописей не взимается.

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The scientific and technical journal, “Bulletin of the Association of Drilling Contractors”, is listed by the Higher Attestation Commission of the RF Ministry of Education and Science as one of the leading refereed journals and publications that feature main scientific results of doctoral and candidate’s dissertations.

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